It was around week three when my grandmother caught me and my little brother pooling our money to buy dinner for ourselves.

My dad had found a sale on turkey wings at our local supermarket and decided he could remix them as many times as he needed until we ate them all: smothered turkey wings, turkey soup, turkey curry, barbeque turkey wings, turkey sandwiches, turkey salad. If you can name it, we had it with turkey.

I was 16 years old, and the tater tots and frozen pizza my high school served at lunch had become a welcome reprieve from…

My mother is a firework of a person. As such, her love isn’t subtle. It’s raw, and honest, and loud, and sometimes pushes boundaries. For those of us who have been lucky enough to be loved by her, we’ve received a love without judgement, and one that is intent on helping us cultivate our own joy.

Sometimes I laugh to myself about how much closer me and my mom are now that I’ve moved 2,500 miles away from her. It’s not that we weren’t close before, but being far away has forced us both into a sort of honesty that…

‘Fat Girls Traveling’ is a safe space for travelers who aren’t size zero.

Photo: Mariamichelle| Pixabay

Annette Richmond, fashion stylist, writer, and creator of the body-positive travel group Fat Girls Traveling, says she didn’t see herself represented in the mainstream travel lexicon so she decided to create her own community — a safe space for women who aren’t a size 0 to post their travel photography and be inspired.

“Our public Instagram page is more inspirational,” Richmond said. “I hope that it inspires other women and young girls to aspire to see the world and not to let anything hold them back from living their best lives.”

Fat Girls Traveling (FGT) also has a private Facebook…

How plastic surgeons are reinvigorating their craft by live streaming operations and ‘gramming before/after results.

Alex Mellon/ © Culture Trip

Dr. Robert Schwarcz is among a growing number of plastic surgeons feeling the pressure to compete on social media. His New York practice is thriving despite his small Instagram following, but he knows that in order to grow his followers (and his business), he needs patients willing to share their before and after photossomething New Yorkers don’t seem too eager to do.

“I used to practice in Los Angeles, and I remember many patients being very generous in letting me use their before…

Body image and self-esteem are often very closely linked.

Photo: Pixabay

“Everything’s bigger in Texas,” “big things come in small packages,” “it’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the ocean.” We say size doesn’t matter, but in Western culture, we are pretty size-obsessed. Unfortunately for many men, that obsession can wreak havoc on their self-esteem.

Here’s the thing: size does matter. If you order a large coffee and the barista hands you a small one, you’re not a happy camper. But in the context of our bodies and how we conceptualize “self,” size holds more weight than it probably should. …

Is female ejaculation really “elusive,” or does western culture have it all wrong?


For many women in the United States, ejaculation (if and when it happens) comes as a total surprise. One minute they’re having a totally standard sexual experience, then BOOM! Splash! Waterfalls!

“As soon as it happened I stiffened, unsure of what to think and unable to measure my boyfriend’s reaction,” said one woman, who wished to remain anonymous.”I was freaked out that I might have peed, and I remember feeling quite shocked and self-conscious for weeks afterward, particularly because it was so unexpected and out of my control.”

Here’s what we know: The gender orgasm gap is, indeed, real. Straight…

As mechanical and virtual sex toys get more sophisticated, what’s left for the physical act of intercourse?

© Nomad_Soul/Shutterstock

“In fifty years, men are going to be obsolete anyway,” Miranda Hobbes says in a now infamous 1998 episode of Sex and the City. “I mean, already you can’t talk to them. You don’t need them to have kids with. You don’t even need them to have sex with anymore, as I’ve just pleasantly discovered.”

Miranda’s pleasant discovery? The rabbit — a “dual action” vibrator with “tumbling pearls.” At five inches long and split like an uneven wishbone, the rabbit stimulates both the clitoris (externally) and the g-spot (internally). For women hoping to achieve climax, it’s the stuff dreams are…

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Journalist — Sex, Culture, Health, Cannabis, Travel

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